Zaskia Adya Mecca says on her friendster, "The way to heaven is defends on faith and faith is defends on love". I like Zaskia, she’s so beautiful. Zaskia Adya Mecca was born in Jakarta September 8th 1987. She’s one of Indonesia’s top celebrities who wear jilbab (begin in 2005) and it’s a great example for girls to follow. Zaskia recently, studying in Faculty of Psychology Paramadina University. She was also nominated as The Best Female Actress for Vidya's Award (FFI).In 2001, Zaskia and her sister Tasya Nur Medina kidnapped. It is make her trauma.

Nia Ramadhani was born in Jakarta, 16 Aprils 1990, starts career in acting world since having age 15 years. TV Series star BAWANG MERAH BAWANG PUTIH quickly is recognized her public and name so popular, finite many producers inviting it to play at in various film adolescent.

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Hi guys! This sexy girl is Baby Margaretha? Look at her eyes...! She want to eat, you guys! She is a killer! LOL!

Hanez Suraya as Nadia in TV Series Ezora, Hanez Suraya is her real name.

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Ayu Raudhah in Manjalara TV Series

His sister Rozita Che Wan

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