Almost since Carolina Agustin Kamarie [Ina] was resigned the break-up rumors have swirled. Finally last night [at The Rock Cafe Kemang, Jakarta Selatan] Tata, Purie and Ina have announced that the group officially break up. The announcement was also attended by the owner of "Manajemen Republik Cinta" Ahmad Dhani. He said, "Break-up is the best decision!"

Dokter cinta is dead

Awww poor old bitch. I remember the good old days when she was cute. I also remember how she was called fat quite a bit back then and makes me wonder if that has anything to do with her over the top body obsession.

She is old, though....Alot of people would still hit it. A little meat on her bones would soften her look and probably rejuvenate her face a bit. The plastic surgeon should have gone with smaller cheek implants.

The no. 1

Full name: Lana Nodin
Place of Birth: Kuching, Sarawak
G&g Character Name: AYU

G&G: Gol & Gincu, The TV Series (1&2)
Astana Idaman 3
Dunia Baru-2nd Season(LESTARY)
Dunia Baru (LESTARY)
Mendung Berarak Kelabu
Impian Itu Milik Kita, Telemovie
Kamasutra (SAMARINDA)
Akademi Cinta
Cebisan Duka
Aku Juga Perlu Cinta, Telemovie
Tidurlah Permaisuri, Telemovie

Remp – It
Main – Main Cinta

Jejak Pulau, X-Tune

Miss Malaysia Petite 1997

credits pictures to :

Again! Two sisters-image that Sarah and Rahma Azhari posing without clothes. Images are again circulating on the internet. In addition to the display section in the glass, two sisters out of this section also appear in the virtual world. It's seems they don't want to leave year 2008 without something to remember.

Tamara Bleszynski or Tamara Natalia Christina Mayawati Bleszyński, was born 25 Desember 25 1974 in Bandung. She’s one of Indonesia’s top actresses and models. Tamara’s father is from Polandia and mother Indonesian. She now single, after divorced from Teuku Rafli.

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