Breakup Breaking News?
Terribly unfortunate scuttlebutt has come my way. Sources insist to me that Jennifer Garner is considering splitting up from her hubby, Ben Affleck. Say it ain't so, baby-cakes! Nevertheless, waiting on comment now from both parties. Could this be the reason Jen and Ben are always seen cooing over adorable daughter Violet separately, rarely as one happy family unit? Perhaps. And certainly, those who know the former Alias star well insist Ben's mama has never particularly cared for the gal who broke Michael Vartan's heart to hook up with Benny-Boy in the first place. Waiting on official PR responses to that little familial naughty nugget as, well, for what it's worth. Much has to be divided, I'm told...planes, property. Wonder—if above baddie biz is true—if Benny-boy will be the gentleman Vartan was when he was cast aside? Let's hope. I mean, don't leave Vi-hon with the sitters too long if ya decide to hit the card tables, Mr. A!

However, according to Mr. Affleck's representatives, that gambling escape won't be necessary: "We usually don't comment on stuff like this," shot Camp Affleck. "But you should know sources are liars. If you guys want to do the right thing, you won't post that item. It's all BS." Really? Interesting, as it's from the same bull-pooping peeps who originally told me Ms. G was moving from Vartan to Affleck, the fickle little femme.


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