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All images are copyright of their respected owners and creators. All pictures are taken from the other site of the internet, magazine, newspaper and other media. But if you don't like your pictures to be online on my website, please email me at krsuicide@gmail.com. I will remove this pictures immediately.

We should not in any case be held responsible for any comments made by our blog visitors and views voiced are not our own. They purely represent direct true feelings and biased opinions of the public. As much as we would like to moderate the comments made, in order to maintain the active interactivity of the blog, comments will be post-screened (moderated after it has been posted) only at certain intervals. However due to the significant number of comments made on a daily basis, we may have overlooked some of them. Please inform us for any comments that is blasphemous, promote racism, religious hatredness or any form of statements that may disturb the harmony of the society. Any form of comments which are considered as offensive and obtrusive could render the commentor liable to legal action or prosecution. Full co-operation will be given to the authority. In short, comments made by our visitors are of their own responsibilities and please be aware that controversial, slanderous comments made can be prosecuted.

Advertisement in Malaysia Celebs blog posting is mainly through Google Adsense feeds. We have installed appropriate filter to ensure only certain ads appear on our blog. However, should unacceptable ads appear through these feeds through the choice of the keywords used by google adword advertisers, it is entirely beyond our control and we should not be held accountable for it.


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